Wednesday, October 30, 2013

An Autumn Dream In Which I Wake Up

 Last night I dreamed that I was up in a tree that had already lost its leaves. I was there with some other people who were eating a meal, but soon I began to swing on a branch and the branch tossed me into a somersault and laid me gently in the grass at its feet.

I was next to a steep hill that went up and up, covered with many varieties of trees, many colors, including evergreens that were tall and stately. The grass was lush and green, but the trees were in various stages of changing color or dropping their leaves.

Eventually I became aware of a kind of communication coming up through the ground into my body from the trees and the grass all around. It was energy rather than words or symbols and I felt it in my whole body rather than heard it. The words to describe the message are inadequate but I have no other means to convey it. I was made aware on a physical level that I am one with all that is – with the earth and all that grows upon it. Further, I was made to “know” that this is true regardless of what, if anything, I “do” (or don’t do).

I don't remember ever having a dream like this, one that contains communication in a mode that I don't consciously use or experience. But I do "feel" like this sometimes when I am chanting with a big group of people.

I post it here partly so that when it fades I can revisit it and remember, partly to share this experience with others who may have had similar experiences. I'd love to hear yours!

Life is just so amazing!

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